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July 5, 2020

Young Southpaw chats to Matt & Mauro from the UK ‘Ronettes Punk’ band The Speedways about their new album Radio Sounds, what Eddie Van Halen being in KISS would’ve been like, Billy Ocean/ABBA covers albums, Hanoi Rocks, and much more.


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Young Southpaw: That’s all my questions. Anything else you wanna add?


Mauro: There wasn’t much Van Halen in this chat.


Matt: No, there wasn’t much Van Halen.


YS: Happy to talk about Van Halen. What’s your favourite Van Halen album?


Matt: The first one. Cause when I first started playing guitar I loved Eddie Van Halen but I could never play that kind of stuff. But I can play ‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love’, with the phaser pedal on it, I can just about get through that. And ‘Runnin’ With The Devil’ I can play that as well. ‘Unchained’, that’s on Fair Warning?


YS: Greatest rock song of all time, in my opinion.


Matt: I can play that as well.


YS: On the 1982 tour they opened with ‘Unchained’ and went into ‘Romeo Delight’ and I think that’s all you ever need ever. [NOTE: It’s actually the other way around, but THE POINT STILL STANDS!] Two of the greatest rock n’ roll songs. And then they always had that third song would be a drum solo, as if two songs were really too taxing to be on stage for and the three of them needed a break.


Mauro: Immediately, yeah


Matt: I only saw them one time, with Sammy, obviously. At the Birmingham NEC in the UK. I just wanted to see Eddie play, really. I remember being down the front and when he played ‘Eruption’ and everything, that was what I wanted to see. I just wanted to see him play the guitar, just watch him play. Just astonishing, he’s so good.


YS: I saw them on the last reunion tour and it seemed like his guitar solo was even faster. Like, you woudn’t think that was even possible.


Matt: Yeah, fantastic. Such a great band.


Mauro: I’d probably have pick II acutally. I’m one of the Van Halen II club, I reckon. ‘Light Up The Sky’, ‘D.O.A.’, those ones...


YS: Oh yeah. ‘Somebody Get Me A Doctor’.


Mauro: Yeah. It’s all great. ‘Dance The Night Away’ of course. That’s the closest Van Halen get to power pop, you could argue.  

Aug Stone


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