Etcetera ETC with Young Southpaw


February 1, 2021

Young Southpaw talks to Dutch artist, Hanco Kolk, about his new Meccano book, Billy Wilder films, his soundtrack choices to suit his different working methods, and much more 


Hanco Kolk: When I’m sketching, it’s different than when I’m inking. When I’m sketching I need to clear my head. There’s this little voice in my head that says ‘you’re never gonna be there. You’ve fooled the public for 30 years but now it’s over.’ So I have to have real loud music, just to put those ideas out of my head. But when I’m inking it’s just nice lines so different music, soundtracks mostly. I love Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone soundtracks. It has to be a bit theatrical, it has to be big. But when I’m sketching it could be hardcore rap, or metal, or anything. Anything that keeps my blood going.  


Young Southpaw: What have you been listening to recently? 


HK: A Dutch artist called Spinvis, who is a bit arty but his production is fantastic, his songs are great, and I really love his music. Sometimes you have music that you feel under your skin, like ‘oh yeah, this feels good’. This is that kind of music. He’s also a friend. We met when I was doing artwork for him. Apparently he always wanted to be a comic artist and I always wanted to make music so we live each other’s dreams. What I liked about him first time we met was I was working on artwork for a song of his that is really melancholic, a deep and poetic song, and he came in and took his guitar and made a carnival version of it. Someone who takes himself not too seriously, I love that. That’s how we became friends. Sometimes I draw live onstage with him and the band.  


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